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What Are The Best Seattle Suburbs To Live In And Why?

Moving To Seattle?  If you are moving to Seattle and want to know where you should live, then this is a handy Seattle relocation guide to help you decide  where are the best Seattle suburbs and why.  “To give you a background, back in 2007, I made a list of the best Seattle suburbs to live in and listed the reasons why.  That list still applies somewhat, but in the nearly 10 years since I wrote it, there has been so much development that there is a need to address this from scratch.  I have updated it over the years to keep it current and know Seattle Suburbs homes, but honestly, the article overall just looks like a 2007 WordPress blog post. Time for a rewrite. The original core list still applies (with some edits from my younger vocabulary).” – Courtney Cooper [206.850.8841/ if you have questions about Seattle Suburbs]

These are the six basic “Best Seattle Suburbs” segments I covered.

  1. North Seattle SuburbsSeattle suburbs homes
  2. Further North Seattle Suburbs
  3. The Eastside
  4. Further expanding Eastside
  5. Southend Seattle suburbs
  6. Ferry Suburbs

Details about these Best Seattle Suburbs and information about moving to Seattle

(For our purposes, I am going to reorder these by popularity in this decade, beginning with “The Eastside”, and also give them each what they deserve – their own page full of resources for schools, housing, city, etc.)

  1. The Eastside
  2. North Seattle Suburbs
  3. South Seattle Suburbs
  4. Ferry Suburbs
  5. Further North
  6. Further East

alki viewsReaching Further in All Directions:  Moving To The Pacific Northwest:  Expanding Horizons in The Upper Left USA

I do want to add to this list because as the internet has become bigger, and worldwide traffic has increased, there is a movement to either move in city to one of the Seattle neighborhoods that has a good Urban Village or to move even further away where daily commuting is just not practical. For this reason, I think it is good to also look at a few more possibilities if you are indeed thinking about moving to Seattle.

magnolia homes

  1.  Seattle neighborhoods that make you feel like you are living in a suburb sometimes or all the time.
  2. Go North –  Bellingham homes?  Why not?  It is a beautiful seaside town and you could commute into “the big city” less?
  3. Go South – There are a few choices here and I am seeing it done.  Housing in general is less expensive.  The commute on I-5 is not ideal, but if you make it less and you come home to your perfect version of home, then it’s certainly a possibility.  Tacoma and Olympia?  Vancouver and Even Portland Homes if you want to just come in once a week and make it manageable.

The Pacific Northwest or Upper Left as I like to put in my Instagram photos is vast and large consisting of a couple states, many islands, lots of waterfront, and just beautiful places.  Please let us know which Seattle suburb is your favorite and why.

“Wishing you the best with your move – please call, text, or email me if you need anything at all!  I have worked hard in Seattle suburbs real estate and Seattle real estate in general.  I love finding special places for people and look forward to helping you decide if Seattle is right for you and if so where do you want to land. Thank you for your time! “- Courtney