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2012 Seattle Green Home Tour Spreads East

2012 Seattle Green Home Tour Spreads East


It might be called the Seattle Green Home Tour but it’s way more than that this year. Mark your calendars for Earth Day weekend April 21st and 22nd.  Besides the West and North Seattle Grids, there are many more homes on the Eastside to see.


In Issaquah, there’s the well know zHome by Ichijo USA. This project has an interesting beginning and story and if you think it’s too far a drive from Seattle, you might find it’s worth your time. It’s difficult to come up with a green building concept this project doesn’t incorporate:

Z-Home Loft

Also in Issaquah is the German PreFab Project by S.A.G.E. Designs NW.  This is a single family home, where the family can live for a long time. It employs aging-in-place concepts and so much more:

German PreFab Project

On to Issaquah from Seattle Stop off in the Factoria area for a beautifully modern Built Green and Energy Star rated house by YS Development LLC:

Bellevue 41st

Finally Head down to Kent to the NW Idea House of the Year by Sockeye Homes. It incorporates live and work space and has some elements you might find in Japan more readily than the US:

Green Meets the Greenback - NW Idea House of the Year

These homes are just a small sample of what you can see for free on the

Some are for sale, some are just opened by the homeowners so the rest of us can be educated and inspired with solutions!

For a complete printed brochure pick up an April edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine. That is where you can find all the information on this home tour and so much more.

To search for green homes currently on the Market you can search the MLS or ask me about homes not yet listed.


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