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Seattle green real estateGreen Up Your Seattle Home With Renewable Energy Credits

We are big cheerleaders for Green Seattle Homes.  Although, I am personally smitten with the idea of this for my Portage Bay floating home, there is a less expensive way to support green energy efforts than getting a Tesla roof on your Seattle home. Did you know that you can support renewable energy efforts under way in our areas by purchasing renewable energy credits (REC) on your Seattle City Light account? It isn’t even very expensive either….

Basic information from the Seattle City Light site on the Green Up program:

“Seattle City Light customers can make a powerful environmental impact by participating in Green Up – a voluntary program that drives regional demand for renewable energy through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) and by supporting local clean energy projects and education.
Your participation in Green Up will:

Match your energy usage with the purchase of RECs at the level of your choosing:
$3 (200 kWh) per month*: Approximately 25% average home’s electricity use.
$6 (400 kWh) per month*: Approximately 50% average home’s electricity use.
$12 (800 kWh) per month*: Approximately 100% average home’s electricity use.”

Why not add just another $12 to your bill?  Find out more  and sign up here:

http://www.seattle.gov/green  or call them at 206-684-3800

It surprises me so much that I have joined a community of only 13,000 progressive environmentally friendly people supporting the Green Up program.  We can do better.   This is Seattle. Please take a minute and enroll in this extremely important movement.

Curious about the homes you can find in Seattle neighborhoods that are built using renewable building materials or remodeled to be more energy efficient?  We can help you with those, too.  There are some really interesting ones in the following neighborhoods – let us know if you want to take a peek at these or others around the city: homes@cooperjacobs.com  call/text 206-841-6800 or 206-850-8841

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