Really, Chocolate & Going Green in Seattle?

Whether you are looking at buying green in Seattle or going green via green remodel, there is a special offer for residential customers in the Green Up program through Seattle City Light. From now through 7/31/2008, residential customers who decide to make a commitment to the environment and join the Green Up program are in for a treat – an organic THEO chocolate bar from the Seattle based chocolate factory as well as a two for on coupon for a tour of this local chocolate hot spot in Fremont.

What is Green Up in Seattle?

Green up is all about Seattle going green and putting your money where your mouth is. Green up is a voluntary green power program for both residential and commercial customers. Designed to allow the customer to show their commitment to green energy, the Green Up program enables customers to help go green by purchasing green power for a portion of their energy bill. Customers can also purchase green power for LEED credits.

This is a great opportunity for Seattle City Light customers to really make an impact! These programs are only going to work well and be implemented faster if we support them now!

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