I absolutely love Seattle real estate – moving to Seattle is one of the best choices a buyer can make! Although the Seattle real estate market has softened up a bit, the Puget Sound in general has so much going for it to make it an obvious choice for relocation.

Different ways to purchase real estate and live in Seattle Neighborhoods & Seattle Suburbs:

Look for Built Green options out there – both in remodeled existing homes and also new construction.

Condos & Co-ops – Besides downtown, there are also many options through out Seattle neighborhoods and many condo complexes can also be found in surrounding suburbs.

TownhousesSeattle townhouses are what I consider the current solution to bigger square footage on a smaller footprint – in the sixties and seventies a lot of split level homes were built because they were so economical and offered more square footage for less money. Townhouses are the new split level as far as economy goes, but styling has come a long way in three decades and Seattle townhomes offer stylish living and more square footage than condos in most cases. Check out different townhouse builders in Seattle and look at the finish work they offer. Little details in a townhouse makes a huge difference!

Lofts – Loft living in Seattle is a thing of beauty. Pioneer Square in particular has some of the most amazing lofts – old one hundred year old buildings that have been split up into condo lofts have soaring ceilings, gorgeous wood beams, and giant windows to look out on to the city. In addition, the roof top access can provide some of the best views of the areas. Storage and parking is at a premium, so look for buildings that offer both!

Houseboats – I love houseboats! I think there is nothing better than having a dock right outside your door and the lack of yard work to me is very appealing! Houseboats come in all different sizes and shapes – Houseboats at the end of the dock cost more because they have unobstructed views. Houseboats can be on docks that own the submerged land under them or on leased land. The type of ownership affects the price as well. There are CC&Rs and neighbors are in close proximity.

Houses – Houses come in all shapes and sizes and also in all ages – you can buy an in city Seattle oldie or a sprawling Seattle suburb house – Prices will vary and it is important to make a buyers check list as to what you are looking for!

Seattle has so many great choices and now that sellers are willing to negotiate, there are some great buys out there for the March 2008 Seattle real estate market.

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