Sellers in Seattle:  Take note!

The market has changed, but you can still sell your Seattle house with good results!

Obviously the mortgage industry has played a major part in this new Seattle buyer’s market. Loan programs are stricter and as a result the pool of qualified buyers has dwindled down. Even though this means there are less buyers competing for your home, you can be sure that the buyers out there are stronger more qualified buyers! In addition, the rates are low!

Now that Seattle has found itself in a buyer’s market, many home sellers are having to adapt. In order to be competitive in Seattle’s new buyer’s market, Puget Sound sellers should have every edge possible! Here are some of the things that could help your home get noticed!

  1. Hire a full service
    Seattle Realtor!!!!! This is probably one of your biggest investments – not the time to cut corners! You need the superior quality help to have the edge in this market!
  2. Staging – I have an accredited Stager help me with my listings to make sure they are stunning when any buyer walks in. I want them to walk in and fall in love! It is amazing how dressing your home up like a Pottery Barn catalog can help to emotionally sell it!
  3. Housekeeping/Lawn Maintenance – Hire a housekeeper and a yard maintenance team! You want your home to shine! The extra money will most likely be worth the investment.
  4. Process – This is something I have to go through weekly in my own house. I call it processing. It is simply going through clutter and sorting it into piles – charitable contributions, trash, give away to friends, recycling, keep. It is helpful to do this regularly, but taking the time to do a big process job on your garage and closets can really pay off!
  5. Dress Your Cabinets and Closets – Your Stager might do this, but if not, you should. Take the merchandising approach and color code your closets – hang clothing by shades of color and really make your closet look like a rack at The Gap! The same thing can be done with your kitchen cabinets – turning all the labels on the cans outward and making sure the pantry is organized and not cramped is vital.
  6. Storage – Make the investment to store extra furniture or clothes that clog up closets and garages. Clear your kitchen counters of appliances and clutter. Your home needs to scream spaciousness and plenty of storage.
  7. Be gone – Leave your house well before showings! You want the buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home. They can’t do this with you in it. It is also uncomfortable for buyers to be in your home with you there.
  8. Buyer Incentives…Offer to pay closing costs or some other from of bonus to “sweeten the pot” for a buyer when they are making a purchasing decision. They have lots to choose from right now!

  9. Selling Office Commission: Don’t discount it – that agent is the hero who is bringing you a qualified Seattle buyer!!! I would even consider offering an agent bonus! It might encourage them to bring even more buyers back!
  10. Price your home right! Doing all of the above won’t matter if you don’t price your home correctly. Again, your full service Realtor is qualified to do this! Also please keep in mind that starting a bit lower could get you multiple offers even in this market. More importantly, starting lower would save you thousands and thousands in carrying costs that your home would be incurring while it sits on the market at a higher price!

Use some or all of these and look for good results! Just because it is a buyer’s market out there doesn’t mean it is a bad time to sell. Houses are still selling and in some cases with multiple competing offers. The last three deals I have done involved multiple offers and back up buyers so I know it is happening! The important part is positioning your home correctly in this market!

 Courtney Cooper ….For all your Seattle Washington Real Estate Needs! Seattle Area Real Estate Agent:  Broker and Realtor serving North King & South Snohomish County – Experienced and with a background in accounting – I love my clients and work hard for them! Call me if you are looking for a home or investment property in Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, Brier, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Mill Creek, Everett, or other Seattle Suburbs!

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