tesla roof

 tesla roofSeattle Green Homes New Choice: Tesla Solar Roof

Need an innovative new roof that can provide your home with solar energy???  (This is the Green industry disruption that I personally have been waiting for!!! )

Leave it to Elon Musk and Tesla to roll out a solar roof that lasts as long as your house!  Seattle green real estate is about to be rocked! I am absolutely in love with this solar roof solution versus a traditional ugly solar panel system and I can not wait to start using this in real life.  

Are YOU also curious  about Tesla’s new solar roof?

There is a great tool to check out an estimate about how much it will be installed on your roof just by putting your home or property site address in:  https://www.tesla.com/solarroof.  For $1000 you can start your order.  You can choose what percentage of tiles you want to have active solar cells attached with a range of 0-50% and the tiles look SLICK. Tesla also offers accessories for the Solar Roof such as the required  Powerwall home battery which stores your solar power. This is also great for grid outage times so that your home can keep running when the power is out.  Depending on the length of outage and the number of Powerwalls you decide to purchase, you could eliminate the need for a home generator if you live in locations that are prone to power outages.

Tesla Solar Roof Finishes For Any Style

I love that the Tesla solar roof has choices in finish work for any aesthetic.  Currently there is a cool Textured and Smooth finish and beginning in 2018 there will be a Tuscan and Slate option as well.  If you are a builder of Seattle new construction or just remodeling your current Seattle home, then you should definitely consider the impact of putting this type of product on your home.

I look forward to starting to see these beautiful Tesla Solar Roofs on Seattle homes all across town and am excited to hear your feedback as you start to see energy savings. Let me know how it is going!  Courtney Cooper 206-850-8841  courtney@cooperjacobs.com


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